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Mammoet Focus - a step closer

Mammoet has announced that the first model in its new Focus crane concept will be the Focus 30 and that it has a project lined up for its first job.

Rated a 2,400 tonne class crane, it offers a tenth of the 25,000 tonne potential that the company claims for the concept - see: Mammoet releases Focus details.
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The crane has a 30x30 metre base

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The boom is installed at ground level and jacked up vertically

The new crane concept has been designed to set up and operate in plants with complex infrastructure and space limitations, such as inner city petrochemical plants and inner cities. It can be erected in around 14 days with the boom sections added at the base and jacked up vertically allowing the boom to be erected with low ground bearing pressures within a 30 x 40 metre footprint.
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ready to work

Jacques Stoof, global director market development and innovation, said: “We are delighted to have designed a crane that offers a high capacity while minimising the impact on its surroundings. The Focus 30’s ability to operate around key site infrastructure means refineries and chemical plants do not incur the typical loss of production while upgrades are made. That means projects are completed quicker and with a lower total cost of refurbishment.”

“Similarly, with real estate at such a premium in the world’s cities, all available land is built upon and underground infrastructure can prevent the use of heavier lifting cranes. The Focus 30’s small footprint and low ground bearing pressure reduces disruption and helps civil engineers keep our busy, expanding megacities running smoothly.”
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The lifting begins

With further Focus models planned, the first unit is to be built for a project in North America.
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FAO Jacques Stoof esq.

Good Morning Jacques,
Thank you for the Webinar on the ‘Focus’ concept Crane on Wednesday 160920, which I found both interesting and highly educational.

1. Love the simplicity of Design, in particular the Self-Erecting Boom, Jib and Backmast, all of which adds enormously to the Safety of Crane Mobilisation Crew not being exposed to the Hazards of Climbing & Lifting in the first place.

2. Was very impressed by the Focus Crane having such a Low Tm2 force on the ground, as the benefit of this low ground force means No risk of Damage to Underground Services.

3. Equally loved the Transportability of all components in Std 40ft Containers, which makes for ease of shipping, Tpt and Crane Erection anywhere in the World. This also adds to the speed of mobilisation and saves TIME.

In conclusion, the reduction of Hazards involved in Crane mobilisation means that Risk Assessment and Evaluation will all add value to your Method Statement documentation and to Worker Safety 24/7.

Because Worker Safety is important, very important and much too important to leave to chance.

Kindest Regards
Mike Ponsonby.

Sep 28, 2020