Riding the basket

Spotted on a site in central London at the end of February, two men riding in a basket – or perhaps a stillage - suspended from a mobile crane. There is a video but we were unable to use it for this item. It shows a number of safety failings. Perhaps it is best if we simply repeat the words of our correspondent who has a great deal of experience in this area:

So many things wrong with this: The top of basket /Guardrail is not high enough, neither are wearing safety harnesses, No roof on cage - as is required, it’s a Goods cage so the gate will open outwards, the crane should work at a reduced speed, but was operating in high speed mode.
See note below

In fact it looks even worse than our man says, it seems that one of the men is actually riding on the outside of the basket made possible by the apparent absence of mesh or a mid-rail.
How such things still occur on what looks like a major site is hard to understand,
definitely one for our Death Wish series.

HG Cranes - the owner of the tower crane in the backgound of this photo has been in contact to request that we point out that it is not at associated with the project or the site where this incident occured

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Not only are the guys in the picture risking there own safety and maybe others, it beggars belief that others are prepared to let this happen. From the site management right down to the crane supervisor and operator. Probably find they have done an offsite induction, passed a medical, even have an NVQ! And don’t care about safety as long as the job gets done.

Mar 10, 2023