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Crane boom folds in Jubail

The boom of a telescopic truck crane collapsed yesterday while erecting an electricity pylon in Jubail, Saudi Arabia.

The crane, a four axle Tadano truck crane was rigged with full boom, and fully extended swingaway extension.
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The crane had been erecting a pylon

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The crane was rigged with its bi-fold swingaway erected and all six sections of the main boom extended

The fifth section of the six section main boom folded over sideways close to its base. The photos were sent in by a reader based in the region, who says that they wind was light so cause is most likely to be down to overloading.
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The fifth section of the boom failed close to its base

We understand that no one was injured in the accident although this has not been confirmed. Sadly it appears that the crane was otherwise well set up with outriggers fully extended and spreader mats under the jacks.
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Another view of the stricken crane


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