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Cranes and access the wrong way

When a contractor was charged with moving a 100 year old statue in Brecht, Belgium, he clearly didn’t have a clue what he was doing and the damage caused is likely to cost more than the entire renovation budget for the square one small part of which was the relocation of the statue.
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Work starts on the move

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The job, which included placing the statue of Gabriel Mudaeus (1500-1560) was a Flemish jurist who revived the study of law in Belgium while a professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of Louvain.

The whole exercise starts badly with men using excavator buckets as work platforms and gets worse when they use totally inappropriate slings and rigging methods to lift the statue which then tips and smashes while being lifted by a loader crane.

So a Death Wish and an accident all in one We have so far been unable to confirm when this actually happened, stories began to be posted towards the end of May. Perhaps if you live in the region you will let us know?


Craniac 1

While the fact that no one appears to have been injured is the top concern, this has the trappings of something that happens all to often in our industry. Moving the statue was handed off to someone that may have already been onsite performing other unrelated duties? While this may or may not have been the case in this instance, the results were almost pre-ordained judging from the methods used in preparation. Rather than planning for what COULD happen, another case of planning for what they WISHED to happen. An unfortuante circumstance all the way around.


Jun 7, 2010