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Pimping your aerial lift

A couple of service engineers working for Nationwide Platforms in the UK have ‘pimped’ a machine they were working on.

For those of you who might not be into American/English street slang ‘pimping’ is the art of customising your car or vehicle in terms of flashy paint, fancy wheels and lots of chrome. Much favoured by Hip-Hop and rap fans.

The two had just completed a renovation job on a JLG 600AJ, which included converting the original orange and cream colour scheme to Lavendon Blue. It was a nice sunny day and the two were particularly proud of the job so while they were giving it the full Pre Delivery Inspection they decided to ‘pimp’ it with the addition of a few extras.
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Paul Rochester of Natiowide with the 'pimped' JLG

Pleased with the results of their ‘modifications’ they turned their attention to the service van and gave that the once over too.
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The pimped service van out on the town

Want to know more about how they made the conversions? Scroll down…..

The entire conversion was done on their mobile phone using the photo software that it includes. Well you didn’t really think they converted the 600AJ to fancy disc brakes did you?. Or that they really would take their service van out on the town?


lee allen
woe nice rims dude,will you do 1 of my cherry hoisters ????

Jun 29, 2010
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