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Death Wish in the street

In spite of a number of fatal accidents people are still setting up lifts in the street without proper cordoning off.

The example below was spotted in Newcastle, England this Sunday just past. The machine, a self drive Multitel rented from Warren Access is fortunately very compact and well suited for the job But!
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No cones no warning and vehicles have to squeeze by and no harness

It is set up in a bend in the road opposite an dividing island and close to a junction. with no cones or warning signs. The reader who spotted it says that he came round the corner and almost had to mount the kerb of the island to get past.

This is a junction where large trucks frequently turn and although it is a Sunday in the UK trucks are still allowed on the roads. The lower boom is not fully elevated and looks as though it might be protruding outside of the chassis width?

If this unit had been clipped by a passing vehicle the man in the platform is not wearing a harness and would most likely have been catapulted out of the platform and ended up on the road below, struggling for his life - if he was lucky!

The fact is that this unit has plenty of outreach and he could so easily have positioned the truck further along. However he would still have needed some warning cones or signs etc.

Amazingly he has at least used outrigger mats under his jacks so not a total beginner!