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Gallic death wish

One of our English readers spotted one of the craziest operators we have seen since starting our Death Wish series – in France.

It is probably best if we relay the facts in his own words

“I spotted this guy last week in France, at first I was confused how the machine was operating as it was elevating and slewing but operator was not using his hands, one of which was being used to hold his phone the other to hold the hand rail that he was sitting on.”
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At first our reader could not understand how this machine was being operated

“On closer study I could see that he was using his foot to operate the controls, he is sitting on the top bar of the cage, the entrance safety bar is tied up so he doesn't have to keep lifting it and no PPE is worn.”
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A view from the other side gives a clue

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A closer view shows some of the abuses - gate tied up, not harness, sitting on the rail, operating the unit with his foot - just to name a few

“The machine was being used in a public car park with cars and vans coming in and out, there was no cordoning-off around machine. How many things can you spot. The machine is a Manitou rented from Kiloutou.”
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A closer look at the technique

It would not have take a great deal to have caused a jolt to this machine sending our man to the ground. The sad thing is that apart from loosing his life he is not considering the trauma he will cause to parents, wife, friends, siblings and work colleagues etc… Not to mention the poor people that are unfortunate to witness such a messy accident and that’s assuming that he doesn’t land on some poor unsuspecting person!