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More details on the NZ crane tip

We have received more details and photos from the crane accident in Auckland this week from an eye witness in a bid to help others learn from any mistakes.

It seems that the crane, a 200 tonne Terex All Terrain was lifting the second beam of the new Huruhuru Cycleway bridge into place, when the embankment, built for the cranes and trucks on each side of the creek, gave way.
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The crane slews the beam

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The outriggers were set on a decent set of mats

The crane, owned by Auckland and Waikato cranes, was set up on some decent outrigger mats, but as the full weight of the beam came over the outriggers on the bank side of the crane the temporary embankment simply gave way. It is possible that heavy rains overnight might have undermined the integrity of the embankment.
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The embankment gives way

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heavy rains helped cause the subsidence

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