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75 cranes to go to auction

Ritchie Brothers auctioneers is selling around 75 mobile cranes next week in a large unrestricted auction at is Ocaña, location in Spain.

The sale includes 58 All Terrain cranes, including:
-A 2004 400-tonne Liebherr LTM1400-7.1
-A 2005 220-tonne Liebherr LTM1220-5.1
-A 2008 130-ton Liebherr LTM1130-5.1
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The largest AT in the auction is the Liebherr LTM1400-7.1

Among the crawler cranes to be sold without reserves are a 2002 300-tonne Demag CC1800-1 and a 2005 280-tonne Liebherr LR1280.

The two day sales will be held next Thursday and Friday September 16th and 17th along with 1,500 other items. Viewing is possible from Tuesday and bidding can either be in person, by phone or online.

Jacobo Garcia, area manager for Ritchie said: “Cranes we’ve recently sold at our Spain auctions have attracted bidders from across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East, Asia and Africa, They are attracted to our auctions because they know they will have a lot of choice, can inspect the cranes before placing bids and have the certainty that every item will sell on auction day with no minimum bids or reserve prices. The very large selection of late model cranes lined-up in our Ocaña auction next week once again provides a great opportunity for anyone in the market to purchase the crane they need at the price they want to pay.”
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An earlier crane sale at Ocaña

Vertikal Comment

Auction prices have been going up recently and late model cranes such as this do well. If you have a crane to sell and are thinking of auctioning it, then a sale such as this where there is a good selection of similar equipment will attract more specialist buyers and the prices then tend to be higher.

The following week there is a major aerial lift sale at Ritchie’s European base in the Netherlands, with several hundred units going under the hammer, once again if you have any older lifts you want to sell off this would be the auction to go for.

Selling at auction where there are very few lifts or cranes on the ticket can be disastrous. I have first hand experience of selling under both circumstances and the same equipment went for 60 percent less at the later ‘non access’ sale! I had put the extra machines in at the last minute, based on the fantastic prices achieved in the first sale, where there had been a lot of aerial equipment on offer and it had been promoted with a catalogue. Lesson learnt!

If you are buying equipment sales such as these are also good in that the selection is large and with no reserves permitted you might just walk away with a bargain.

The catalogues for both auctions can be accessed from this website by clicking on the relevant side banner.


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