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Self-erector near miss

A reader in has Northern Ireland reported a near miss with a self-erecting tower crane earlier this week. The crane’s jib buckled and fell but was retained by its hoist cables.

We do not know much about what happened, but we do know that it was on a site in Downpatrick. Our correspondent says that a bricklayer, running from the falling jib tripped and broke two ribs, otherwise there were no injuries
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The dangling jib in Downpatrick Northern Ireland

There are usually only two or three causes of accidents such as this all related to operator error – overloading – incorrect jib folding procedures or folding/unfolding the job in excessive winds, which is almost the same thing.

Vertikal Comment

It is a sad statement of our industry that information on near misses and accidents is not more freely exchanged. It has been proven beyond all doubt that such openness has a dramatic effect on improving safety. The aviation industry is the best example of this.