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Danish Access startup

A new scaffold and tower distribution company, Access Denmark, has been established to cover the Danish market.

The new company, based in Herning, is owned by Knud Højland Pedersen, previously Instant UpRight’s district manager for Scandinavia. Access Denmark has acquired the Instant alloy tower distribution agreement from KK Materiel which will now focus all of its efforts on powered access.
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The change came about when Karsten Haahr, owner of KK Materiel openly expressed his desire to move away from non-powered access. Instant UpRight said: “We are very pleased that the new distributor is headed by our ex district manager for Scandinavia, Knud Højland Pedersen – we know KK Materiel has made the right decision”.
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Knud Højland Pedersen

Access Denmark will also supply industrial steel scaffolding and ‘non-system’ accessories, ITP (Industrial Textiles and Plastics) products including scaffolding sheets and debris nettings and is hoping to be appointed by another European manufacturer in the New Year.

Pedersen said: “In the back of my head I always knew that I would start up a business of my own someday and despite the financial global economic crisis and lack of willingness from the banks, I have managed to overcome all the obstacles, make a healthy business plan and get here in the end”

“I will promote the complete Instant product range, with a stronger focus on the specials, especially bespoke access solutions where I see huge potential for such a reputable and world leading brand in Denmark”.


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