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Grove reorganises Manlift in Europe

Grove has announced that the whole of its European Manlift and Delta businesses have been consolidated within its Delta Manlift SAS operation. Delta manufactures the Toucan range of industrial access platforms at its factory in Tonneins, south west France. It will now be responsible for the whole range of Grove Manlift products.

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New Toucon Aero

Gilles Marchand, formerly director general of Delta Manlift SAS and of Grove France SAS, now has overall responsibility for all Grove Manlift and Delta business activities in Europe, Africa and the Middle East (EAME) as vice-president Manlift EAME. He continues to head Grove France.

Laurent Guillaux has become sales & marketing director for Grove Manlift as well as Delta, for the Europe, Africa and Middle East area. The Deutsche Grove and Grove France Manlift and Delta sales teams now report directly to him.

Erwin Muller now supports Guillaux as District Manager. The Manlift machine stock and Sales Administration continue to be managed from Langenfeld in Germany by Ulrike Boerger.

Warranty, Parts and Service support have not been affected by these changes.

Grove has also taken the opportunity to change its invoicing procedures for Manlift product: Manlift distributors will now be invoiced from Delta Manlift SAS in euro, rather than from Grove Europe Ltd. in US Dollars.

“This new structure should reassure employees, and all of our distributors, customers and suppliers that we have commitment to meet the long-term challenges of the market, and the desire to continue to provide the level of service that our customers have come to expect from us” said John Wheeler, president and chief operating officer of Grove Worldwide.