The right tool for the job ?

On a Saturday night last month, a car rolled off of the pier in Roundstone, Co Galway Ireland and into the water.

Amazing what you catch if the hook and rod is big enough

Walsh’s Recovery was called to extract the car from the harbour.

Up she comes or....Maybe....

Now was the crane too small or was it badly set up or both? I guess the operator was not ALLMI certified?

...Not in she goes, thank you for remote controls

Oh Dear!

With two vehicles now clogging the harbour, Michael Long truck and crane hire was called, they arrived with a much larger Palfinger crane and the Harbour was eventually cleared.

Now that's a LorryLoader!

Fortunately and amazingly no one was hurt in the chain of events, from the car driver who was pulled to safety by bystanders, to the Walsh’s operator who had been on the truck bed earlier, to the audience standing in the way.

Hooray and up she rises, not exactly a hard hat area, is it!

One of the local observations was that no police or Gardai were present during the recovery.


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