JLG- Liftlux due late spring.

Senior managers at JLG have confirmed that the first JLG-Liftlux pre production units are due to go on test shortly with the first deliveries planned for April 2005.

The aim is to re introduce certain Liftlux models under the JLG-Liftlux brand along the lines used for the JLG-Toucan branding. Units will naturally carry the JLG orange and cream livery, with the JLG-Liftlux name and most likely retain the Liftlux Nomenclature.
The Liftux units will follow the branding used on the JLG Toucan range

The first unit to be launched, while not confirmed, is likely to be the SL172 series with 17 metre platform height. JLG managers have stated that the intention is to reintroduce only those Liftlux models with platform heights that are not already covered by existing JLG scissor lifts. This initially is likely to limit the reintroductions to the Liftlux models over 15 metres (50ft) which are:- The SL172, the 20 metre SL205, the 21 metre SL210, The 26 metre SL260 and the 32 metre SL320..
The largest LiftLux machines will be re introduced by JLG

The initial plans include an April launch for the first model with subsequent units following on during the year. It is likely that all models currently planned to go into production will be on the market within 12 months of the first unit shipping. There are a total of six model variants within the 17 metre plus range.


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