Rescue from a mobile crane

A man working on the top of a mobile crane was injured yesterday in Tempe, Arizona, it is not clear if he was rigging or carrying out maintenance work, when something struck his leg and broke it.
The injured man is lifted down from the crane

The 35 year old had to be rescued by the emergency services who used their fire ladder as a crane to lift him in a stretcher from the top of the mobile and lower him to the ground.


Mark Krajci
Too bad for this young man. Working on the top of a boom or INSIDE the boom can be a dangerous place.
One person should always be working with someone else as well as observing the work at height rules.
Some of the crane designs require technicians/mechanics to go inside the boom to make repairs and in the heat this can also be extremely dangerous!
Think First - Be Safe!

Apr 8, 2011
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