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Dakota Shine jumps final hurdle

In the June July issue of Cranes&Access we attended a demonstration of Dakota shine, the product that claimed to restore faded paint colour and gloss in a matter of hours with low skill requirements. The product, which has been sold for some time in the USA, was being introduced to the UK market.

Bulk supplies of the cleaner and restorer arrived in September, but the company was faced with a number of hurdles to obtain, environmental approvals, shipping licences and finally conforming to European labelling formats. The final step involved relabelling the company’s entire UK stock.

The product is now finally ready for sale, in the past few months Future products group ltd has been providing the products on a full contract service basis only. This has also allowed the group to begin to develop its concept of selling local area franchises for contractors who will offer the same wash. Prep revive and seal service to equipment owners. Dave Chaffey, a director of Future told Vertikal that they have managed to streamline the service to a point where recently they cleaned, revived and sealed four JLG boom canopy/covers in less than four hours.

The company claims that the skills required are minimal as the solutions are all environmentally safe, little or no masking is required, the revive and seal coating is clear and can, in fact should, be sprayed over the entire machine, including, lighting lens, rubber parts, plastic, glass, engines etc.. Only windscreens should wither be masked off or cleaned off straight after application.

With the low skill requirements in mind Future expect at least half its sales to be to Hire/rental companies and fleet owners who will do their own application, the other half going to franchised contractors

Future products have now been given the master distribution rights for Dakota shine for all of Europe and are looking out for distributors and contractors.

Future can be contacted [email protected] or +44 (0)1935 863377