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Vertikal Press wins membership of Germany's IVW

The Vertikal Press has been accepted as a member of Germany’s IVW organisation. This followed a detailed, on-site audit of records and data relating to the circulation of our German magazine “Kran & Bühne”.

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The IVW (Informationsgemeinschaft zur Feststellung der Verbreitung von Werbeträgern e.V.) is Germany’s leading audit bureau of professional publishing companies. It is committed to maintaining the highest possible standards in the publishing industry and, specifically, to campaigning for more transparency in data relating to magazine circulations.

“We are very proud to be the first lifting industry magazine in the world to qualify for IVW certification” said Tim Whiteman, Publishing Editor. “This is an investment in quality to ensure that our magazines bring value for money to both our advertisers and readers – membership of the IVW is a guarantee of circulation quality”.

The Vertikal Press will next year increase “Kran & Bühne’s” publication frequency from six to eight times a year. In the UK the company has just appointed a new team to run “Cranes & Access”, the UK’s only specialist lifting industry magazine.

* The announcement co-incided with the second anniversary of the launch of The Vertikal Press on November 1st, 1999.

See also IVW's web site.