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Wynne appoints EU project director

Wynne systems has appointed Olivier Hertu, previously chief information officer at French rental company Loxam, as project director of Europe, Middle East and Africa operations.
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Olivier Hertu

Hertu entered the rental market as an informatics engineer with Louers De France (BTP) in 1998 and spent a total of six years with the company, before moving over to Loxam, which acquired Louers de France.

At Loxam he played a major role in implementing RentalMan throughout the company’s 500 locations in 10 countries. Hertu is not the first Loxam employee to join Wynne, the ex-Loxam alumni includes European managing director Carole Bachmann Cossu who joined the software developer in 2010.

Vertikal Comment

Wynne Systems has a major task ahead in implementing the RentalMan software throughout the Ramirent organisation and desperately needs staff on board that have first-hand experience of the challenges that such a multi-country, multi-currency installation involve.

One wonders though at possible concerns companies like Ramirent might have in giving such open access to a team with such close – albeit past –contacts with one of their largest competitors. Although in this case Ramirent and Loxam have little territorial overlap.

In fact the two would make an impressive merger – but that’s another story.


" In fact the two would make an impressive merger – but that’s another story. "

That's a story I like to hear, because I'm hearing rumours about the same.

Oct 14, 2013