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New six tonner from Galizia

Italian pick & carry crane manufacturer Galizia has introduced a new six tonne crane that is based on its innovative Multis 636 chassis.

The Multis 636, is a hybrid telehandler/crane/platform machine, that can lift six tonnes on its hook, 3.6 tonnes on its quick attach forks, complete with sideshift and then convert quickly into a small boom lift with eight metres working height.
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The Galizia GF60

The company says that following its launch a number of customers wanted to have the advantages of the Multis – ultra tight turning circle- with a regular axle, compact dimensions, twin AC motor direct electric drive and low boom pivot point etc, but in the format of a dedicated crane. The boom on the Multis 636 is barely six metres when fully extended which is a little short compared to the latest six tonne crane models from JMG and Ormig.

So in order to satisfy its customers Galizia has engineered the GF60, a pure crane version of the Multis, with a longer three section boom and almost eight metres tip height – 7.5 metres under hook height.
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The tight rear axle steering is assisted by counter rotating drive motors on the front

Vertikal Comment

This is a very interesting new crane and a sensible introduction. The fact that it is a quick development out of an existing product – the Multis 636 – is evident in minor compromises here and there on performance, when compared for example to the recently launched JMG MC60. However the optimum word is ‘minor’, this crane is still a great little performer.

On a side by side the Galizia is marginally bulkier in width, height and overall length, but achieves a similar turning circle with a traditional axle and Akerman steering - offering more side stability that the more typical three wheel pick & carry crane configuration. Its maximum lift height is a metre lower than the JMG, however it does offer the same maximum reach at 5.5 metres and may have a little more capacity at full reach, thanks to its longer wheelbase.

The Galizia has a simpler three section boom compared to a four section - which will appeal to some buyers, more powerful drive motors and a little more battery power to match. The cab can also be removed to lower the overall height to just 1.65 metres.

The fact is that both offerings are excellent new additions to the pick & carry crane market.