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Loader crane burns

Two men escaped with burns after the boom of their loader crane contacted overhead power lines on a site near Alor Setar in Malaysia on Tuesday.

The crane, a Unic telescopic model, was being used to unload stones when it struck and broke the power line, giving both men a shock. Thi Kim Beng, 54, was found in the truck’s cab with burn marks on his face and legs, while operator Ong Eng Hock, 50, was found lying on the ground beside the crane with burn marks on his legs.

A number of people heard a ‘loud explosion’ and ran to the aid of the two, but were afraid to approach. Hock regained consciousness 15 minutes later and apparently managed to free the boom from the cable.
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The truck after the incident

He was then helped by those who had come to the rescue. He was said to be suffering from nine percent burns to both of his legs, while his assistant Beng has five percent burns to his face and legs. The two were said to be in a stable condition in hospital.


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