Self-erecting crane overturns in N. Holland

A mobile self-erecting tower crane overturned in Leeuwarden, the Netherlands on Friday after its outriggers sank in soft sand.
The outriggers sank into the sand and the tower came to rest on the edge of the building

The crane, mounted on an articulated trailer appears to have been lifting pallets of paving blocks to the rear of a new warehouse, under construction at the town’s industrial park. The crane is owned and operated by local builder and steel erector De Moor Montage. Thankfully there were no injuries and the damage to the building looks light.
A view from the other side

The crane appears to have been lifting paving blocks - damage to the building appears light

Company owner André de Moor is reported as saying that the damage amounts to around €10,000. The crane was being operated by remote controls.
The outriggers sunk in soft sand, no mats appear to have been used

Vertikal Comment

What possesses otherwise intelligent people to set up outriggers on what is clearly soft, and probably reclaimed, ground, when the solution is a couple of inexpensive mats to spread the load?

The majority of crane accidents are still caused by improper set up of the outriggers and yet this is one area that is the easiest to avoid. It is clearly a case of people using the equipment that have no ‘feel’ or sense of the loads that can be imposed and the ability of various ground type to resist it.

While some ground types might be tricky to be be ceertain of, sand and grass are dead giveaways – like the easy question to kick off a quiz!


Even road plates (2.4m x 1.2m x 18mm steel) would struggle with soft sand like that, but they didn't even try!

11 Sep 2012
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