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Lattice crane tips in Mexico

A 550 lattice truck crane tipped precariously while working on a road job in Mexico City on Saturday, after one of its outriggers broke through into a disused pedestrian underpass.

The crane a Liebherr LG1550, owned and operated by crane and heavy lift company Sarens, was working a night shift lifting a section of the new elevated section of the Periferico ring road into place when the ground gave way.
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The crane superstructure/boom appears undamaged

The crane tipped but did not fully overturn and its boom appears to be undamaged, no one was injured in the incident. The back of the crane carrier has been damaged as the weight of the falling crane came down on the rear axles.

The underpass was reportedly closed over 30 years ago and - according to the engineering company that carried out the ground assessment - not well built or marked. Large timber mats had been placed under the outriggers but did not quite span the weak point that gave way.
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The stricken crane was wokring on a new overpass

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The outrigger dropped into an abondoned underpass

The crane has, we understand now been recovered, stripped down and taken for repair to the chassis and a thorough structural check over before going back into service.

The incident happened in the early hours of the morning and caused major traffic problems yesterday.


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