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Fact - stranger than fiction

When workmen arrived on site in Fairbanks Alaska to find their crane boom badly damaged and power line poles broken along with other damage they didn’t know what to think. So they naturaly called the state troopers in.

At the same time nursing staff at Fairbanks Memorial Hospital found one of their sleeping patients covered in grease and rambling in a confused state about cranes and machinery.

A complaint has been filed against the patient Mary Lou Sours, 29, after the damage to the crane’s boom and the power lines was estimated at $50 to $60,000.

The crane’s lattice boom was pulled over the back of the machine, either through over-derricking or during its battle with the power line poles.

The police said: “Sours was confused, made references to a crane she thought she was in and made constant references to mechanical things, machinery and cranes indicating that she had recent involvement with heavy equipment. Her hands were also covered in black grease like you might find in a crane.”

Charged with criminal mischief she was bailed for $2,000.