Under-bridge for Hong Kong

Italian truck and under-bridge lift manufacturer Barin has supplied an AB 23/SL under-bridge inspection platform to the Government of the Hong Kong special administrative region for work on the Lantau Link bridges.

Mounted on a four-axle Volvo FM420 chassis the unit offers 30 metres of down reach and 23 metres platform under reach with a 250kg capacity. The machine is also capable of achieving an over head working height of 26.5 metres.

The company said it has supplied the AB23 for the inspection and maintenance of the Lantau Link bridges and that its main feature is that it is able to carry out the launching manoeuvre through suspended spans of the Tsin Ma Bridge.
Barin providing training on the AB 23/SL under-bridge inspection platform.

Opened in 1997 the Lantau Link is a network of bridges spanning 3.5km which links Hong Kong international airport to the surrounding areas.
The AB 23/SL offers 30 metres of down reach and 23 metres under reach


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