Crane overturns in Germany

A 50 tonne mobile crane has overturned while lifting a garbage disposal truck in Hörgertshausen, Germany, on Monday.

The four axle Liebherr crane, owned by Beck Mainberg, had been contracted to lift the truck which had become bogged down in the grass and place it on firm ground. The crane overturned after the operator had successfully completed the lift and was retracting the fully elevated boom, however the counterweight was over the short rigged outriggers and as the counterbalance effect of the boom reduced, the crane became back-heavy and tipped over backwards, with its boom coming down on the roof of a building opposite, and hitting a parked car in the process.
The damaged is reported to exceed €50,000

The operator was able to jump to safety with only minor injuries and although the damaged is reported to exceed €50,000 fortunately no one was seriously injured in the incident.
Fortunately no one was seriously injured in the incident

An investigation is currently underway to determine/confirm the exact cause of the incident.


Someone's got something to explain to his bosses totally driver error either short rig or fully rig.
At least nobody was seriously hurt just a big bill to pay.

6 Feb 2013

Old Sweat Old Sweat
I'd say the operator is an idiot.

6 Feb 2013

This picture could well be the answer to the following question!
If you slew a crane over the side with the Ballast on and the boom upright and the outrigger legs retracted what could possibly go wrong?

6 Feb 2013
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