Crane overturns in Dusseldorf

A five axle All Terrain crane overturned last Tuesday while lifting a roof beam at a swimming pool in the Flingern district of Dusseldorf, Germany.
The crane boom came down over the pool

Thankfully there were no injuries although the damage to the crane, a Terex*, owned by Dortmund based Autokran Wiemann, is considerable.
The operator was able to escape unhurt

The indications are that the ground under one or more of the outriggers gave way as the crane lifted a section of a damaged pool roof structure at the town’s all weather swimming pool. The crane appears to have been set up properly with decent mats, so we assume that there must have been a void, or the ground was exceptionally soft.
It seems that the ground gave way under the outriggers

The emergency services arrived in force, removed the cranes fluids to prevent further leakage, while Wiemann sent in two cranes to rescue the overturned unit.
The boom was badly buckled

* Corrected based following comment


Shouldn't the nearest outrigger to a void be set up twice the depth away?

Mar 22, 2013

Indeed Craniac, it looks like a AC100.
It's always tricky to set a crane up near an excavation or in this case, a swimming pool. The minimum distance of the closest outrigger near the excavation or pool may never be less than the depth. Respect 45° angle.

Mar 4, 2013

This is a Terex Demag, not Liebherr

Mar 4, 2013
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