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Crane overturn in UK

A small city type crane overturned near Plymouth, in south west England yesterday.

The incident occurred on a farm in Down Thomas to the south east of Plymouth, the crane a Demag AC30 owned by local company Lift It was lifting a 20ft container at the rear of a house on the site, when one of the outriggers appears to have punched through the soft ground causing the crane to overturn.

It is hard to make out what kind of mats were being used, although one can see some cribbing in the far side outriggers and the crane has used plywood sheets to drive into position and is clearly soft.
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The cause looks to be outrigger related and soft ground

We understand that no one was injured in the incident, and the boom narrowly missed the corner of the house but did land on a small outbuilding.
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The crane appears to have been lifting some panels

While a reader has sent a lot of photographs, factual information is limited, We understand that a recovery is being attempted today. We have requested more information from the crane’s owner, and will update if and when we have that input.
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The boom missed the house but did catch an outbuilding


absolute madness! on this type of ground!

May 2, 2013

This incident further confirms my decision to stop using exterior Blandex for turf pads for my Niftylift and buy AlturnaMATS. The Alturnamats will be a bit spendy but a worthwhile investment.

Mar 27, 2013