Terex to build largest harbour crane

Terex Port Solutions is to build a Gottwald Model 8 mobile harbour crane for long-standing customer Operadora de la Cuenca del Pacifico (OCUPA) for the Port of Manzanillo on the Pacific coast of Mexico.

The G HMK 8410 variant will be the largest of its type ever built and when completed in September 2013, it will load and unload vessels with a capacity of up to 8,800 TEUs and nine-high container stacks on deck.
Terex Port Solutions is to build a Gottwald Model 8 mobile harbour crane for OCUPA

“The Terex Gottwald G HMK 8410 for OCUPA is a special variant of our largest crane model and was designed with a special geometry required for handling containers on such large vessels, taking into consideration boom length, boom pivot point and viewing height for the crane operator,” said Terex Port Solutions sales director Andreas Moeller.

Carlos Olivar Perez, director at OCUPA added: “After having very successfully operated three Terex Gottwald cranes, we are shortly expecting delivery of a new mobile harbour crane to our terminal. We were also impressed by the design of the G HMK 8410 that we have now ordered from Terex Port Solutions."

"With the acquisition of the largest mobile harbour crane in the world, we are staying abreast of changing handling requirements arising because our customers are sending ever larger container vessels into our terminal. We are delighted that, in Terex Port Solutions, we have found a provider of port services who addresses the special challenges facing a container handling crane for vessels with 19 container rows and provides ideal technical solutions, also with respect to delivery times.”

The Model 8 is also available in many variants. The crane for OCUPA features a boom pivot point at a height of more than 34 metres and a viewing height of almost 38 metres. It also features diesel-electric drive technology, a proven 100 tonne hoist and a 10 axle chassis.


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