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Lack of outriggers causes overturn

A crane operator had a lucky escape on Friday, after the Rough Terrain crane he was operating overturned at St Clair Shores Marina on Lake Michigan.

The man was lifting a welder onto a boat but had not extended the crane’s outriggers causing it to overturn as he slewed over the side. He was trapped in the cab when his foot got caught, but was rescued by the emergency services.
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The operator was said to have forgotten to set the crane's outriggers

A woman on board the boat jumped overboard when the crane started to tip, but was able to swim to shore. The crane operator broke a bone in his foot.
The Michigan Occupational Safety and Health Administration is expected to investigate.


Inserted wrong lmi program?

Jul 29, 2013

The incident is a shame, costly to all involved and might have caused death to the operator and the woman who jumped in the water.
The inexcusable action by the operator proves the purpose and value for supervision, a point for safety training and underscores requirements for C & A certification.

Jul 29, 2013