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Even the dog knows better

A Death Wish spotter in Spain sent us today’s example of a dodgy scaffold that even frightens a passing dog

Our correspondence snapped the five men attempting to place a large ventilation unit on the wall of the building in Sacina, North East Spain. Or perhaps they are removing it?
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How many errors can you spot?

The chosen form of access – to rough small tube scaffold frames, a couple of scaffold boards and some hollow bricks for levelling. Three men underneath with a ladder appear to be trying to help take the unit down or?? - The scaffold has no feet, is not stable, has no guardrails and it seems churlish to mention toe boards.

In the words of our correspondent: “Even the dog can't hold his fear!” Clearly the dog has his mind on other things, but you get the point. Hopefully these five survived the job without it all coming crashing down around their heads. A definite one for our Death Wish series.