RT overturns on highway

A Rough Terrain crane working on Interstate highway I17 near Bumble Bee, to the north of Phoenix, Arizona, overturned yesterday.

The cause of the overturn was due to the operator retracting the outriggers on one side of the crane, while the crane’s boom was retracted but fully elevated and over the side, making the machine back heavy.
The overturned crane

No one was hurt in the incident although the road was closed for a short spell while two truck cranes came to the rescue of the stricken RT.
The operator retracted the outriggers on one side causing the crane to lose stability


What on earth was the Oerator thinking to retract outriggers while the boom was still extended? When the rig is righted it would seem that it will rock onto the extended outriggers and may streets the welds.

Sep 19, 2013
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