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Roxu cranes off to Costa Rica

Spanish crane rental company Grúas Roxu has shipped 10 cranes and 10 aerial work platforms to its new subsidiary in Costa Rica.

The company set up the new operation in October as a base from which to cover South America. The equipment, including some large boom lifts and a 350 tonne All Terrain crane, was loaded aboard the BBC Kimberly yesterday. Roxu already has a few cranes working in South America, including a 1,200 tonne Liebherr LTM 11200-9.1 employed on a wind farm development in the north of Costa Rica. 20 more will follow in the spring and in many cases the operators will move to Costa Rica with the cranes.

The company has plans to transfer at least a third of its crane and access fleet to the region in the year ahead - demand willing. The move reflects the lack of work in Spain and the hopes to carve out a position in the developing South American market. The company is also following its customers – some of Spain’s largest contractors – which are now working in the region. Other projects expected include Northern Panama and a wind farm in Mexico.
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The cranes and platforms waiting to be loaded

Roxu runs a fleet of around 160 mobile cranes, 80 large loader cranes and more than 700 aerial lifts, topped by a 112 metre Bronto truck mount.