Denka deliveries flow again

Denka, the Danish trailer and auditorium lift manufacturer that was rescued by German based Rothlehner is ramping up its German production facility, as deliveries of new Denka trailer lifts begin to flow again, some two years since the manufacturer first filed for bankruptcy.

The latest deliveries include an 18 metre DL18 telescopic boom trailer lift to Essen based Enderling platform rental, a Denka customer since 1992. Managing director Joachim Enderling said: "The decision to buy a new 18 metre Denka trailer lift had been suspended after uncertainty about the continued existence of the brand and its later problems, however all those concerns have been eliminated now that Denka is in the hands of our long standing suppliers Rothlehner. It was also helped by the fact that we appreciate the service we have received from the Rothlehner service company over many years."
A trailer-mount DL18 is being handed over to Johannes Enderling (L) by Rothlehner's Thomas Krauß

Denka lift has also moved back into Scandinavia with two recent deliveries of Denka Junior compact trailer lifts, following a Scandinavian road show.

The first unit off the production line went to Carlsson & Co, Denka's Swedish sales and service partner based in Falkenberg, while another unit was delivered to Ringsted Liftudlejning in Ringsted, Denmark.
Manfred Rothlehner (L) hands over the first Rothlehner produced Denka Junior to Björn Carlsson of Carlsson & Co, Sweden.

Rothlehner took over the assets of Denka lift in April last year - see: A future for Denka, and began by securing the delivery of replacement parts and components. At the same time it looked into the possibility to restart production of Denka lifts in Germany.

Once the product support issues were stabilised the company made its decision to restart production and is now looking to rebuild the brand from a solid foundation.
Manfred Rothlehner hands another new Denka Junior to Morten Lynghøjen of Ringstead Liftudlejning


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