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Failing to manage traffic

Spotted in Weymouth, UK, a four axle All Terrain crane carrying out a lift with apparently little consideration for traffic management.

The crane, owned by South Coast Crane Hire, was reportedly lifting a caravan at the Chesilvista Hoilday Park and, for whatever reason, was forced to set up in the middle of the site entrance.

According to our correspondent no attempt was made to warn passing drivers - or pedestrians for that matter - seeing as it has been set up over the pavement/sidewalk as well. Although the crane was short rigged, this has not been enough to prevent the outriggers and counterweight from protruding the opposite traffic lane. Cars driving towards the crane are forced onto the wrong side of the road, close to a roundabout with restricted visibility.
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Set up in the middle of a holiday site entrance

In the words of our correspondent: “One for your death wish section I guess? No traffic management and I had to drive over the outrigger pad to get past. There wasn’t anyone or any signs on the road warning about the crane either. This is a good example on how not to do a job!”

On a positive note, the crane looks well maintained and the operator has used some decent mats under the outriggers, however we do agree with our contributor that it qualifies for our Death Wish series.


Crane Supervisor
I think it is fair to say, that even though this lifting operation does not show an immediate danger to life, I think we all could agree it does have the potential to cause danger.

Regardless if this hire was booked as a CPA or an Contract Lift hire, you would expect a minimum of some traffic cones or barrier tape to give on coming traffic some kind of warning. Naturally the best case scenario would of been to provide a full traffic management system.

Did anyone else notice that the lifting side rigger is over a drain ???

Dec 18, 2014

Benny big lift
Nothing wrong with this lads.........Crack on job and knock,

Dec 17, 2014

vertikal editor
Some really good input Gut Juan- thank you, the Death Wish series is not meant to 'poke fun bad practice, although some incidents do beggar belief.
The main point of starting the series was to highlight bad practice in order to show that there is still very much we can do to raise standards and reduce accidents without the need for more regulation. The photos and incidents in the Death Wish series are also used the world over in training programmes and hopefully are helping raise awareness and maybe improve safety?

However as you point out there are cases where lessons can be learnt but they are not likely to result in 'Death'. And this one may be a case in point - although our correspondent pointed out that cars - including his - were squeezing past the crane. A high sided vehicle could have struck the counterweight. They go in as a Death Wish (the words need to be in the text for the search feature to find them) because we have not had a milder category.. Perhaps we do need a lessons to be learnt category?
Whoops another essay
Many thanks again

Dec 17, 2014

Gut Juan
Woah, that was an essay.

Dec 17, 2014

Gut Juan
I appreciate that procedures should be followed, but I still think this operation is a way from being a death wish. I also don't think we should so easily remove responsibility from others. My lack of knowledge on cranes doesn't exempt me from lack of knowledge of large vehicles working from a road.

This work is being carried out on a private road in a private estate, although open to the public I accept. It also has good visibility, as evidenced here,-2.4723301,3a,29y,290.43h,87.6t/data=!3m4!1e1!3m2!1swMlbQJAWADFlag1-kvSNtg!2e0

I can't imagine they settled for this option lightly. It's not a convenient bodge that puts anyone immediately at risk. This is a product that is specifically designed for lifting operations.

Further more, a motorbike or bicycle is almost all that can get around that crane. For all intents and purposes, this road is closed. If a motorcyclist decided to accelerate off of the roundabout or out of the estate with such a speed that meant they didn't realise there was a great huge crane blocking the route, quite frankly it is one for the Darwin Awards.

My point was that often the death wish series provides situations, like this, which would be better served with friendly professional advice and guidance, rather than 'arent we so clever with all of our knowledge, let's poke fun at the proles who haven't been educated in our ways'.

The series might better exist, not as death wish, but as a lessons learnt series, with helpful guidance to teach people about products and practises that help all of our community learn. Maybe then, I will know something about cranes.

This community could very quickly produce applications and methods of work that could be reference for all sorts of working at height or lifting operations in all sorts of conditions and situations. Instead, it is a collection of anoraks gleefully pulling a part someone who just wants to get something done.

Dec 17, 2014

Sorry not bother ment to say you know nothing about cranes, autocorrect at its worse.

Dec 17, 2014

Gut juan any dangerous situation how ever small has the potential to became a death wish, what happens if a motorcycle comes round the corner and collides with the crane or a oncoming car?? You could think of a few situations how ever unlikely or far fetched they are they still have to ability to be a serious incident. And like you did point out you know bother about cranes.

Dec 17, 2014

Gut Juan
Death wish?

Come on now, be reasonable, this might not be best practise but is anyone actually likely to die?

I don't work with cranes, so I'm not an authority, but in what way is this going to be killing someone? The only reasonable suggestion is from lofty. As for the traffic management, no operator is getting slinged from a basket and realistically no road user is going to drive full pelt into that crane.

Can we not exercise a little less Daily Mail sensationalism?

The problem with a lot of articles on this site is it does little to educate but plenty to ridicule. Most death wish articles are sensationalist and instead of - clearly - outlining a sensible way to do something it merely titters and moans about mistakes.

Can we please exercise some normality instead of decending into farce?

Dec 16, 2014

I would beg to differ on 1m diameter(ish) Nylacast mats being suitable for tarmac pavement.

Dec 16, 2014

Is he full rigged on one side short rigged on the back side ? Professional job I think

Dec 16, 2014
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