Liebherr tower crane elevator

Liebherr is to launch an innovative self-contained tower crane elevator at Intermat dubbed the LiUP.

The two man elevator rides on the inside of larger towers and on the outside of smaller ones and uses a double rack and pinion drive with dual rails, which can be left permanently installed within the tower. The LiUP is completely self-contained and autonomous using a lithium Ion battery mounted at the base to drive it. When the elevator descends it regenerates – charging the battery as it comes down. As it does not require any supply cables, ropes or drag cables it can be installed and removed quickly and easily.
The LiUp elevator is installed internally on larger tower sections

The elevator can be fitted to new towers or installed on old ones, an possibly on other brands of tower crane. New Liebherr tower sections can be ordered with the rails already installed if preferred. The capacity is 200kg and can be operated with a remote control from the drivers can if necessary.

Windows in the both sides of the elevator allow the operator to observe the tower for any problems as he travels up or down in the elevator. A number of countries require - or will soon require - a method of reaching the cab that does not require climbing on tower cranes above a certain height,

The LiUP won the Intermat Gold award for innovation in equipment and components last week.
The LiUP uses twin rail racks and is fully autonomous


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