Crane overturns in to dock

A mobile crane overturned while lifting a new boat yesterday in the Indian town of Tuticorin, Tamil Nadu, in Southern India

Three people were injured when the crane attempted to lift the 20 tonne fishing boat into the sea, one is thought to have been the crane operator. According to the police, the local department of fisheries has banned the use of cranes for lifting boats into the sea – at least at this location – following a number of similar incidents in the past.
The crane was attempting to lift the boat from the quay into the water

A police spokesman said: “This jetty was designed and built to handle carts collecting fish from the boats, it cannot withstand heavier objects such as cranes. If this instruction is violated, accidents will certainly happen, putting those involved as well as bystanders at risk. We are contemplating action against the boat owner who hired the crane.”

The crane looks like a Grove truck crane from the later 1960s early 1970s with a capacity of between 25 and 40 tonnes, which would have struggled to have handled a bulky 20 tonne load at with extended boom and radius.


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