Fatal load drop in Taiwan

Four people died on Friday when the two crane tandem lift of a 43 metre long steel beam, went wrong, dropping it 12 metres into the road below.

The 43 metre steel box section, said to weigh 209 tonnes, is part of the elevated rail track for the new Taichung Mass Rail Transit System, in Taiwan.

The falling box landed on one car, killing the female driver outright, while three construction workers reportedly working inside the section were also killed. The drivers of four other cars, struck by the falling section were badly injured, one of them critically.
Both cranes managed to remain upright

The cause of the incident has been blamed on a wire rope sling failure and poor distribution of the load between the two cranes. causing an overload situation. Video we have seen would seem to confirm that. See live link video report.

The recoil shock effect caused by the sudden release of the load, caused the crane to jump out of its outrigger pads, but miraculously it remained upright, inspite of the rear outriggers on one crane punching through the road surface.
One crane jumped out of its outrigger pads and punched a hole through the tarmac

Investigators will be looking at why a challenging lift such as this was carried out over an open road during the evening rush hour. One witness claims that the lift was brought forward to beat a Saturday deadline in order to avoid a financial penalty.


As "float your load" commented the key failure was lack of or absence of risk management and job planning. Workers should not have been inside the object while being transported. Traffic should have been stopped or detoured. Operation time should have been at the quietest possible time and day of the week. The rigging for a tandem lift should have been carefully planned, tested and re-tested...209 tons is a huge load. Extra crane pads of 6x6' timbers should have been beneath the metal outrigger pads of both cranes. The consequential legal actions will ruin every firm involved. The families who suffered the losses will grieve for a great long time. The accident is inexcusable.

19 Apr 2015

Anyone know the translation for the words 'Risk Assessment' into Tiawanese ?

How on earth can you plan to lift ofer a live roadway with men working inside the item being lifted and think that you are not going to be taking an unacceptable risk ?

Feel so sad for the families of those who died or were injured due to the crass and wreckless actions of those carrying out this lift.

13 Apr 2015
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