Tower crane collapse

A self-erecting tower crane overturned in West Malle, to the north east of Antwerp, Belgium yesterday, when the outrigger base gave way.
The crane came down onto a truck

The crane, a1983 Arcomet TZ24 was working on a residential building next to the College Sint Jan and appears to have been loading or unloading material when, according to local reports, one of the outriggers gave way, due to an outrigger failure due to a fractured beam.
The crane base suffered some form of outrigger failure

The crane tower landed on the truck bed , but fortunately the incident occurred while the college was closed for vacations, so there were fewer people and vehicles around. As a result no one hurt in the incident.
An alternative view

The tower also fell across the road, but struck nothing else as far as we are aware. The crane was quickly recovered by Sarens and Arcomet.
The crane was quickly recovered


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