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Crane overturn in NJ

A boom truck overturned yesterday in Arlington, New Jersey damaging a car but thankfully there were no injuries.

The crane was set up on grass with outriggers retracted but down, mats were used under the outrigger pads/feet. The crane was using its retracted boom to support overhead power lines, while maintenance work was being carried out, when it began to tilts and then went over. The operator was able to jump clear, but the crane came down onto the front end of a parked car.
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The crane damaged a parked car

No one was injured in the incident, and a large wrecker truck was called in to recover the car and the overturned crane, while OSHA was notified, and is expected to investigate.
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A wrecker truck prepares to upright stricken crane

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You can see from this picture, how the outriggers were set inboard.


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