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SED Update: City Lifting’s latest purchase

On the Spierings Kranen stand at SED, visitors are gathering to watch the company’s latest UK purchase folding and unfolding. The SK5598-AT5 was shipped to City Lifting last week from the factory in Holland, and is the first example of the Spierings five axle self erecting crane in this country. It is displayed in the City Lifting livery on stand 558.
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Spierings at SED

Bob Jones, general manager at City Lifting says that the AT-5 allows the company to take a wider range of contracts in the inner city, as it allows access to narrow streets but still gives a 48 metre turning radius and 1.7 tonne capacity. ‘We’ve timed this model and it fully erects in ten minutes’, explains Jones. ‘It also offers a 50 mph road speed. The demand is high for this type of crane – this one goes strraight from the showground to its first job on Saturday – at the Tower of London.’

City Lifting has been established for 20 years and has a fleet of 62 cranes of various types, although it specialises in tower cranes. Jones has already purchased one 3 and one 4-axle SK598 from Spierings and says that the company may yet consider buying another 5-axle this year if demand continues to be good.