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Crane finds lost septic tank

A crane helping remove trees from a back yard in Merrimack, New Hampshire yesterday overturned onto the house when one of its outriggers punched through the driveway into a septic tank that now realised was there.
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The crane was removing the last of 20 trees when it went over

The owners of the house had contracted Healey Tree Works to remove 20 trees, and the team were just lifting out the last of them, when the crane - belonging to Gould Crane Service of Manchester and working on full boom - went over with the boom coming down on the single storey house.
The two people inside the house at the time, were not hurt in the incident. The crane was successfully removed without further incident or damage.
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The boom landed on the roof

A tree worker did suffer a foot injury when the operated attempted to move the crane. Merrimack is located north of Boston, near Manchester, New Hampshire. The house is located on Turkey Hill Rd.