Refugees occupy tower cranes

Eight refugees occupied two tower cranes at a construction site in Brussels earlier this week, but have now come down.

The eight - two women and six men spent the nights of Monday and Tuesday on the cranes, protesting with the lack of action on the part of the authorities to grant them residency, several years after they arrived and applied for asylum.
The two occupied tower cranes

On Wednesday some of the protesters came down voluntarily, possibly encouraged by exceptionally strong winds on Tuesday night? Others had to be ‘coaxed’ by the police. One of the women was pregnant and required basic medical attention. The site is located at the Porte de Namur, on the south side.
The cab of one of the cranes


Nothing to heavy
who let them up there without a grease gun

Nov 22, 2015

The question is how did a pregnant woman get up the tower crane, some type of lockable door or security on site

Nov 22, 2015
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