Merry Christmas

For many, probably most, of our readers the Christmas celebrations are upon us, and we will all certainly be joining in.
We will of course keep one eye a little bit open for major news, but a full service will be restored in January. In the meantime the following are some of the seasonal photos that we have received in the past week or two.
For those of you celebrating have a fantastic holiday period and … keep safe,
The UK's highest Christmas Tree lights installed by Facelift

Christmas jumper day

More Christmas jumpers

Father Christmas raising funds for charity helped along by GT Access

Dressing the tree Italian style

Mobile scaffold tower and spider crane combine

Lifting the tree into place with a Terex AT

The Facelift Jumpers

A nifty tree in Denmark

A mini crane erected this monster tree in Manchester

Hird/Valla UK Christmas jumpers

A Christmas tree with a difference

Swiss Gold

Mark Trueman of Hird, Doncaster, UK won the IAPS Christmas Lego lift prize on behalf of his son Cody.


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