Who recognises this crane?

A reader has sent us a photograph of a truck mounted lattice crane mounted on a Foden chassis – but who made the superstructure?

This photo was almost certainly taken in the UK and appears to have a decal for Chamberlain Industries of London on the cab. If so this might help as might the operator? We think the top is American, possibly an ex US forces crane.
Can you identify this crane?

This is about the extent of our knowledge at that this point apart from the fact that it carries the registration plate DMA 155
A closer look, maybe you recognise the operator?


I would say readers have got it right. That is a Quick-Way most likely war surplus

Jan 4, 2016

Some additional info is, that in 1929 the Quick-Way Truck Shovel Co. was founded by a engineer named Luke E. Smith and the company was sold to the Marion Power Shovel Co. in 1961,according data found on the internet some 2225 pieces were sold to the US goverment.

Jan 4, 2016

The upper looks to me a US build Quick-Way,in the 1940's they where used by the US army corp on a Brockway truck.There are several pictures on You tube .

Jan 4, 2016
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