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Denver fire fighters busy with work at height

Denver firefighters were kept busy last week, rescuing two men from a collapsed suspended platform and then a man from a boom lift that touched overhead power lines.

In the first incident two window washers were working from a suspended platform/swing stage at a height or around 30 metres, when one of the hoists/cables gave way, dropping one end of the platform.
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The collapsed suspended platform

The fire department just managed to reach the stranded men - both of whom were wearing harnesses – with their 105ft ladder platform. The federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration investigated the incident.
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A closer look

Then on Friday a man using a Genie S-85 rented from Sunstate Equipment managed to come into contact with some overhead power lines. The lift’s boom was fully retracted, but elevated to around 45 degrees or so. One report claims that the contact caused a fire on the machine, although the man was unhurt. He was wearing a full harness and lanyard and was carrying a fair bit of material including four large planks.

Once again the Denver fire service came to the rescue, along with a crew from Xcel Energy. there were no injuries in either incident.
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Rescued unharmed after contacting power lines


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