Platform brings bridge down

A delivery truck carrying a boom lift struck a bridge in Oklahoma City at last week, causing a section of it to collapse.

The incident occurred on Thursday afternoon when a tractor trailer belonging to Sunbelt Rentals with a JLG articulated boom lift passed under the May Avenue Bridge which carries the Northwest Expressway. It seems that the boom caught the underside of the bridge and caused the massive stricture to collapse.
The truck carried on through but lost its load

The driver said that he had easily passed under the bridge when travelling in the opposite direction, so naturally assumed that it would be good on the opposite side.
Taking a look from the other side of the bridge reveals the extent of the damage

No one was hurt in the incident. The bridge is marked for a clearance of 14 feet four inches around 4.37 metres, so the rig should have cleared it easily enough.
You can make out the boom that brought down the bridge

The boom is probably a 'write off'

Repairs are expected to take some time.
It has certainly been broken apart


While the load shouldn't have struck the bridge, the bridge shouldn't have collapsed. This suggests that the bridge hadn't been adequately designed for potential traffic strikes, and was thus also unsafe.

Jun 6, 2016

Am certain that the little bit of space on a motor insurance form where you can draw a picture of what happened in the accident isn't going to be big enough for this claim .....

May 24, 2016
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