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Germany's Top 10 fleets

The "Kran & Bühne" Top 10 fleets of the German speaking world has just been published by our sister magazine and is available on-line.

The annual survey reveals that the powered access sector continues to be dominated by the Lavendon Group's Zooom (with 4149 machines) while the crane sector is ruled by Bavarian based Schmidbauer. (But please note that Schmidbauer incorrectly included transport units in its figures - it nonetheless has about 260 cranes).

Other important regional players include Prangl of Austria, with 205 cranes and 1240 platforms, and the Ringlift grouping which brings 50 independent companies together to give a combined fleet of 3005 platforms.

You can read the full listing (in German) in this month’s issue of "Kran & Bühne" which is available now on line.

The results of our surveys in 2001 and 2000 can be read by going to our "Bibliothek" (look in the bottom of the left hand column).

If you are looking for a rental company in the German speaking world, use our free "Vermieter Verzeichnis" to find a company.