PANIU swings into action

The UK based Plant and Agricultural Intelligence Unit (PANIU) has successfully recovered a stolen scissor lift that was advertised on an internet auction site.

The lift, a 19ft Skyjack 3219 had been stolen from a site in England's East Midlands back in June, and was spotted and recognised on the internet site by its owner. PANIU put a request into the West Midlands police to attend the premises the equipment was advertised at and subsequently recovered and returned it to its rightful owner.

As a division of the Metropolitan police, PANIU will help to recover stolen equipment throughout the UK if it has been reported to them when stolen. If you ever need help, there is a form to do this is available on their website -
The Skyjack scissor lift recovered by PANIU


Eric L
Hard to credit the PANIU with much. The owner found his own equipment 6 months after it was stolen, then reported it to the police. What did the PANIU actually do ?

Dec 5, 2016

A good outcome.
Well done the owner for being a diligent sleuth in spotting the item. Hundreds of auctions every year sell powered access items, so this was a very lucky find unless the seller was slavishly scouring every auction.
Am I missing something or shouldn't the serial number have rung bells with the auction house?

Dec 5, 2016
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