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Ainscough promotes Winter

UK based rental company Ainscough Crane Hire has appointed Andrew Winter as operations director – Heavy Cranes reporting to chief executive Janet Entwistle.
Winter has been in the crane industry all of his working life and for a while ran his own crane rental business, he moved to Ainscough in June 2012 as general manager of Ainscough Heavy Cranes following a couple of years with Tadano distributor UK Cranes. See Winter moves to Ainscough

Entwistle said: “Andrew has a wealth of experience in the wider crane industry and is a welcome addition to the executive team at Ainscough Crane Hire”.
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Andrew Winter

Vertikal Comment

This looks like a good move on Ainscough's part, and a very positive sign that the new chief executive has a good feel for people. Winter is widely respected in the crane industry and - unless things have changed significantly in the past year or so - by many of the 'rank and file' employees at the company. Very encouraging.


Alleluia! For the last few years all the company has seen is the crane industry knowledge and expertise being kicked out of the company. This is a real positive move. Another good move would be bring John Lowton back as Health and Safety Exec and Ainscough may see a few less cranes turning over or rolling off the sides of the roads!

Jan 28, 2017

Congratulations from all at Foster Crane Andrew

Andrew Foster.

Jan 3, 2017

all the best Andrew Ian Mellor

Dec 29, 2016

Well done Andrew.

Proof that good management prevails over a certain other company excuses, blaming Brexit for their demise.

All the best for the future

Dec 24, 2016

David Slack
At last some common sense will exist in the Crane Hire Industry!
Well done Andrew and good luck with your demanding
new appointment.
David Slack

Dec 24, 2016

Well done Andrew lovely to see you getting what you deserve, what's next?
john macgregor

Dec 23, 2016

At last, the right man for the right reason,
This can only be a good move for ACH,
If the cap fits wear it ! although get ready coz there will be a few !!
Congratulations Mr Winter or should we now say Sir !!

Dec 23, 2016

Great news for all the people within Ainscough, and the customers. Imagine, nurturing and promoting from within! Someone who has actually been there and done it? I wonder if this radical approach will catch on?? History says not, butu we can live in hope!!!

Dec 23, 2016

Crane expert
Well said Tristam, finally Ainscough are realising experience in the crane industry is better than experience in van hire or generator hire. I wish Andrew Winter all the best in his new position and a great 2017.

Dec 23, 2016

Many congratulations Andrew, thoroughly deserved appointment, onward and upwards for Ainscough Heavy Cranes

Dec 23, 2016

This has to be one of the best moves Ainscough has made in a long while, finally they have seen the benefit of moving somebody like Mr Winters up the ladder instead of bringing in a outsider to do the job. Iv worked for Andrew and his knowledge and man management is second to none.
Well done to Janet for having the foresight to make this move.

Dec 23, 2016