15 Skyjacks for LOTAMS

Polish aircraft maintenance company LOT Aviation Maintenance Services has taken delivery of 15 new Skyjack scissor lifts.

The company, which is due to open a brand new wide body hanger, purchased the units -26ft SJIII 4626 and 32ft SJIII 4632 slab scissors - through local sales and rental company CityRent. The new machines are equipped with an aircraft protection package, compressed air to the platform, and extended controller cord, so of which were installed locally by CityRent. Sone of the new lifts replace an aging fleet of UpRight X series slab scissors, while others will expand the company’s aerial lift fleet in anticipation of new business.
The new Skyjack scissor lifts shortly after delivery

Tomasz Zar?ba of CityRent said: “This is the first time we have sold scissor lifts to LOT and they are a very big company, so establishing a good co-operation was very important to us. We have been working with Skyjack for many years and have all their most popular models, and are confident in the quality of the units. The scissor lifts must also be easy to operate, with precision control, as they are used very close to the aircraft. They also asked for options such as special guards mounted on the railing and sides of the platform, which we fitted. They want to use these scissors for at least 10 years, so quality of machines was a priority.”

Skyjack sales manager for central Europe Ron Schreurs added: “For CityRent to sign a new deal like this is great news. We have a good relationship with CityRent and hope that LOTAMS will see the benefits of using our units for their repair and maintenance work.”


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